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More new smileys and a new smiley catogry! + some bad news

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More new smileys and a new smiley catogry! + some bad news

Post by Cheezeh on Fri May 29, 2009 2:50 pm

Well we have a new smiley catogry called big smileys with big smileys that are relly funny
here they are

P.S. due to the bad news not all of them are here

🆒 :adre: :ah2: 💥 :amzed: :ansm: :bad: :bfle: :hwabo: :btd: :olala: :bism: :hpy: :tbos: :smk: :byby: :cny: :chlr: :kewl: :crzy: :cryn: :aba: :hwab: :chg: :wnk: :confidnt: :confsd: :cnfsd2:

Well thats the good news the bad news is that


Be patient

No more smileys affraid No

We can't have anymore smileys or maybe even avatars you will nto be able to see anymore NEW! fun crazy smileys

:cryn: waaaa

And why

Because we have too much cool smileys and are smiley directory is relly full
Until further notice we will have the same smileys
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